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No matter whether you’re the most easy-going individual or a workaholic, stress can get to all of us. You may have individuals in your workplace that stress you out or things in a specific project isn’t going the way you like it to go. Perhaps a colleague is taking all the credit for all the work you put in or you’re working overtime/outside of work to please your superiors. Your back tenses up, your toes cringe, and your work computer is about ready to be launched out of a glass window. With all that stress, it can even lead to you snapping at a loved one or friends. Stress is unavoidable; we’re only human after all and nothing is perfect. And when it comes to working, even the most organized people can get stressed out. But, there are ways to combat stress.

Many of us who have commitments outside of work may not have time to go the gym and or take a yoga class, but there are quick ways to relax – especially during the workday. Here are some quick stress relievers that can reduce the stress you’re possibly going through during work.

Take Deep Breaths:

If you feel you’re about to explode, push back from your station and close your eyes. Forget everything around you and take five to ten minutes of deep, relaxing breaths. Do small reps throughout the day if the stress persists; if you feel like you have a shortness of breath then stop.

Walk Around:

Take a quick walk around the parking lot or a flight of stairs at your own pace. Getting up from your desk/workspace and moving around helps get the blood in your body flowing as oxygen will be sent to your brain. After walking around for a bit, you may feel better and can sit back to work again.

Stretch it Out:

With stress, your body will tense up and can cause physical complications for you down the road in your life. If your body feels tense from the stress, stand up and stretch. Literally, just shake out and stretch your arms, hands, legs, head, etc. It’s even suggested to raise your arms over your head, clasp your hands and stretch up and from side to side.

Listen to Music:

This suggestion is limiting as some workplaces may discourage the use of headsets during work hours, but music is a great way to reduce stress. Not all music calms us down though. You may enjoy dance, hip-hop, rap, country, heavy metal, but music stimulates your brain. It’s suggested by experts to listen to classical music but any music, of your preference, can work.



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