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Earth constitution people tend to have a strong foundation. They are grounded and are concerned with providing food, clothing, shelter and nourishment to themselves and those around them. This constitution is said to be stable, basic, centered and have deep-roots. They are calm and generous and they are normally not ambitious.

The earth element is located in the transformation portion of the developmental chart. This means that you are good at dealing with change and can often be the calm presence in a stressful situation.

Earth constitutions tend to have a darkish complexion, a large or stout body with a proportionally large head and belly. They have strong thighs and wide jaws. They walk without lifting their feet very high and their strength is in their muscles. The representative organs for this constitution are the spleen and the stomach which are chiefly responsible for overall digestion. The emotion associated with earth is worry and you may have a tendency to over worry about others and situations out of your control. When the earth constitution is out of balance one can expect such problems as low energy, poor circulation, food allergies, weak muscles, digestive disturbances and difficulties with weight control.


• Need lots of fresh air, moderate exercise and relaxation
• Avoid microwave cooking, cold foods and liquids, and processed foods
• Use foods that release energy slowly (ie. whole grains and vegetables)
• Eat fresh organic foods especially when in season
• Avoid extreme cold and hot foods


The following list of foods have shown to be beneficial to your element and associated organs. The goal is to work as many of these foods into your regular diet as possible. This information is merely a guideline and one should be sure to eat a balanced diet with a variety of foods from all the food groups.

Grains: Corn, Job’s tears, Oats, Rice, Sweet Rice, Wheat Bran, Barley, millet

Vegetables: Aloe, Carrots, Potatoes, Shiitake Mushrooms, Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin, Yam

Fruit: Cherry, Coconut, Strawberry, Fig, Grape, Logan

Beans: Tofu, garbanzo

Nuts: Walnuts

Fish: (no more than 2-4 serving a week) White Fish

Meat: (no more than 1-3 serving a week) Beef, Chicken, Goose, Ham, Chicken, Mutton, Pheasant, Rabbit, Lamb

Herbs & Spices: Bay, Liquorice

Oil: Molasses


Essential Amino Acids- Amino Acids are the building blocks of life. It is important to consume enough of them in their natural form so the body is able to perform all of its different functions as best as possible. Amino acids are found in all living things and are absorbed best by the body when consumed in the form or organic fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy. They can also be founds in pill form.

Daily multi vitamin

Ginseng Tea or tincture- Ginseng can help to boost energy and strengthen digestion.

Garlic- Is a natural antibacterial, anti fungal and anti- inflammatory herb. Garlic has been shown to help lower high blood pressure and increase heart health by reducing the damage done by inflammation. Garlic can also increase your immune function and is great for treating the common cold or flu.

Cistanche Powder, Zhi Shi or Citrus Auranti- Helps to increase energy, boost immune function, fight off colds and flus. It strengthens the digestive system and increases metabolic rate resulting in better digestion, balanced appetite and weight loss. Cistanche has also been shown to stimulate fat metabolism. This herb is also anti microbial and is good for cleansing the body.

Spirulina- Has been shown to help prevent heart damage, lower cholesterol, treat anemia, and can help lower blood pressure. In Chinese medicine it is seen as a blood tonic and is used to treat low energy, poor memory and anemia.

Ginger- A spicy aromatic herb that not only provides great flavor to food but has a profound medicinal effect on the body. Ginger has a long history of treating many ailments but with a particular emphasis on digestive problems. Ginger is great for soothing the spleen and stomach therefore it treats such disorders as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, upset stomach and pain. Ginger should be used multiple times throughout the week in regular meals but consider an additional supplement or ginger root tea if you should be experiencing any stomach ailments.

Onion (in particular red onion)- The onion has an assortment of health benefits essential for all constitutions and should be consumed daily. Onions contain a specific flavanoid that helps to maintain digestive tract health. The level of allyl ropyl disulfide and chromium found in onions helps to lower blood sugar levels. They also contain a compound that inhibits the breakdown of bone cells. Onions have strong anti-inflammatory properties which help to treat the symptoms of many disorders like arthritis, cardiovascular disease and pain.

Eucommia Bark (Du Zhong)- Has shown in studies to improve bone, ligament, tendon and kidney function. Eucommia can help with stiffness, arthritis, knee & hip problems, overall joint health and also has diuretic properties to help with swelling. The collagen contained in this herb helps the skin and connective tissue to retain its elasticity resulting in firmer skin and stronger joints. This herb is great for building essential energy or Jing and can help to increase and improve sexual function.


You would benefit most from a low impact form of exercise that also incorporated stretching like Yoga or Pilates. Water aerobics or swimming would be a good option for you as well.


Desert Gold Mud

Fu Ling & Huang Qi (Pioria & Astragali) Wrap/ Mask- helps to drain dampness and strengthen Qi

Oatmeal Scrub