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  • Bliss

    The water constitution is considered to be the most basic of all elements. Water is naturally serene and submissive; although, in excess, water can be as violent and inundating as...

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  • Freedom

    Like the element of metal those who are of this constitution have substance, structure and strength.

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  • Intent

    Earth constitution people tend to have a strong foundation. They are grounded and are concerned with providing food, clothing, shelter and nourishment to themselves and those around them.

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  • Passion

    Those that fall into the fire constitution are energetic, imaginative and excited about life. They tend to move through life in a quick and efficient manner and are courageous.

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  • Truth

    The wood element is symbolized by a tree because those that fall into this constitutional type are strong and durable yet flexible. A wood element is considered to be in...

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